Benefit of Fan cooling your DSLR for Astrophotography I have been using a cooling fan on my Nikon D5300 DSLR ever since I did this research. It has to be the cheapest upgrade. After all…how much would you be willing to pay to have your DSLR modified so that it had 1/2 the noise?

Fireworks Galaxy Supernova Update and modifying my Nikon D5300 camera Conducting annual imaging sessions of the Fireworks Galaxy has become one of my tests to see if my techniques have advanced.

Noise analysis of my Nikon D5300 DSLR After I did this testing I tried a year using ISO800 with limited success.

Nikon D5300 ISO Invariance Testing I put this together when I became intrigued about ISO Invariance. This research caused me to standardized on ISO200. I also found out that unity gain for the Nikon D5300 is ISO200 which I believe is a good setting for astrophotos. Since using ISO200 I have had good luck imaging with lots of available dynamic range and some success with imaging very dim DSOs.

Deep Sky Stacker Background Calibration The research conducted here forms the basis for the Sky Glow Comp logic in CaLIGHTs.

DARK Current Devil in the details The research conducted here is based upon the DARK Optimization logic I created for CaLIGHTs.

Making a stepper motor focuser for my 8″ EdgeHD This invention allows me to pretty much do everything I need to do from the comfort of inside.